Saturday, 7 April 2012

Does Lokpal fix corruption issues,India's shame governance and inefficiency to deliver prosperity even after 65 years?

One should clearly  understand the root cause for corruption,why its occurring and why its uncontrollable?
We know that we have very bad poilcies which favors the politicians to misuse thier power and creates all the mess.Our Political/economic model is in such way that we have been following for past 65 years is that "State has been made as enterprenuor rather giving it to the hands of private/people".Hence here state(Government)has too much power with many regulations to private and most of the treasury,revenue is controlled by state but there is no accountability with those politicians,beauractras and other related power handlers.Hence this centralist power paves way for corruption and along with that below are key salients points to be pondered.
1.There is no incentive in India which allow good poeple to Contest/come in elections.{To be considered with high priority}
2.Already many corrupt politicans got entrenched strongly in this nation which is quite diffcult to evade,as they posses too much money and brawn power.{To resolve this we need good forces to act in}
Team Anna's movement is highly appreciated for this movement against corruptoin and demanding for decentralization of power which is excellent.But they should know that this is not the vivid solution to curb corruption,as we are fighting against crooks who will not change as they are enjoy eating the fruit of socialist bad policies.Hence to have healthy reform for haven sake the swamp should be drained and good poeple should come in and the key is to distribute the power,also private entrepreneurship should be encouraged(ECONOMIC FREEDOM&FREE MARKET SHOULD BE THERE FOR PRIVATE TO EXHIBIT THEIR TALENTS).There is wise saying about India merchant class brilliance"A bania can buy from a Jew and sell it to a Scot,but still emerge with profit"so there should be free market and people will automatically trade freely and prosperous economically. At least the so called shameless crooks who govern this nation should look at the developed nation and ask themselves how?why?what made those country prosperous?"A good governance is the one which governs least";The primary function that every citizen of this nation is looking for is Security,quick justice and very good infrastructure,to all my dear friends pls think why this nation has failed for the past 65 years to do this and even i am reinsating that it will be still worse in coming years if the existing political setup continues.

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