Sunday, 18 March 2012

Its high Time &need of hour for Educated Youths to take part in Nation building.: Return freebies and demand good governance

Its high Time &need of hour for Educated Youths to take part in Nation building.: Return freebies and demand good governance: Almost 60% of the populataion are impoverised with lack of all the basic needs like Food,shleter and basic health care.Our notorious polit...

Return freebies and demand good governance

Almost 60% of the populataion are impoverised with lack of all the basic needs like Food,shleter and basic health care.Our notorious politicians with a very selfish vote garbing mindset will visit the people once in 5years by making a attractive propaganda like "If our party comes to power we will Give TV,Some says free grinder,some one says will Rs.10,000/-,but no one says education",for the sake of enjoying those nasty socialist policies which favors them to multiply inflation and earn money more than 10times the money they spent in election to reap it again.This keeps uttelry commonman as slaves, illiterates and poor. Feed them with some for the starving for the day to get the votes which is insane and our Indian politician forgets,masks the fundamental duty to the nation that is providing effective justice,security and good infrastructure;Whose money being subsided for these fancy freebies and enjoying their power without integrity?Its all our tax money.Educated youths pls get to know this and you pls make aware of those poor people to elect the right one.Here is the problem arises people know that there is flaw with these political parties so if they turn other side its little better among the worst that is the alternative they get so far.So its quite clear that we lack good leaders and policies which are the base for any political party to govern properly and ultimately people will become prosperous once they find so.So this the time our people to throw away the freebies to the notorious parties and should strongly demand good governance which will be an enabler of its citizen to empower people economically stronger.

"Welfare State in Democratic set are committed to safeguard the interests of the welfare of the people"-This is the route cause for all the failures.No one can use the others money as if his own money this is the stark truth.The welfare should be taken care by the individuals and the government should be just an enabler for the citizens to do;For this economic liberty should be there for people to do good things of their interest without any barriers. "Giving food to all, shelter, health care,education for all, job to all and fair wages to the general public" how many years these have been told and preached in every election,why cant none of the nasty political crooks or party can evade this????Just think.These same problems faced earlier by developed nations how its solved by them.We have experienced for 65 years still we are impoverished and we could not be able to put our things right till now,here is the solution to all the elites and educated youths must look in do read this book,which is freely downloadable.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Does India has Democracy or Mobocracy?

If representatives in a democracy are not responsible, they weaken it instead of becoming its defenders. Therefore, Mahatma Gandhi called upon the people to reduce possibility of abuse in democracy to the minimum from time-to-time. In his time he emphasized upon making democratic system of governance firm, healthy, disciplined and responsible. Mahatma Gandhi’s call to save democracy from becoming a mobocracy and to make it people-friendly and finally transforming it into aSwarajya was, and is, worth giving a thought.                     
Despite the large number of people coming together mobocracy can never be the reflection of a democracy. Due to lack of discipline and control over the crowd a mobocracy cannot transmit the will of the people. Hence, a mobocracy sometimes becomes more dangerous than a dictatorship.So unless a responsible good people get in and act else it will provide a chance for crooked thugs,mobs to get in and ruin this nation which is happening now. 
How can a democracy be devoid of mobocracy? How can it be transformed into a real people's rule? How can it become a Swarajya? This can be done through the process of constant reforms in democracy and not in avoidance of it and that too in accordance with demand of time and prevailing circumstances and one such vibrant epitome is Freedom team of India which is on the right path and pls do visit and join at
 We are all living in a system which has inherent flaws in political system.Changing the ruling party is like changing the driver of a defective car. It doesn't matter how many times you try, you are not going to get any different result and this is absolute insanity.To see any real change you need a near overhaul of our constitutional structure and for sure definitively good people with will should be allowed to contest elections. This might make some evil groups unhappy in the short term but will serve the good of all in the long term just like a bitter medicine. But unless the common man understands that the problem is not the people ruling him but the framework in which he is being ruled, we cannot expect any ideological movement in India to succeed in the political sphere.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

For creating better India its in our Hands and no one can do.India needs great leaders in You.Pls join FTI for reforming India.

I hope you can have few minutes to read my Blog which is of quite important for Nation building which is need of the hour now,as you were promoting so many things like Kolaveri songs,entertainment,chit chats about actors and so on....I would sincerely request every one to at least read the below mail and pls spread,join,inform to your friends circle about FTI which is basically focused on nation building and reforming.

Ours is an amazing country! We are perennially suffering the abuse by the criminalized politics and bureaucracy in the name of democracy and equality. The lucky few, who manage to get the ‘VIP Pass’ to be an insider of this system, quickly learn the art of trampling upon the downtrodden and exploit them to the hilt. The capacity to manipulate becomes our biggest quality, not our talent or enterprise. For the most of the outsiders, it’s back to waiting for that elusive VIP Pass. For, we would do the same if we get a chance to get inside. Or we would not?I believe I am different. I believe you are different. I believe most people in this amazing country are different – just waiting for the right leadership. We all would pay our taxes honestly, would never jump signal, would never pay bribe, would never break the queue, only if we were sure we were not being trampled by those VIP pass holders. And, that is a big if. We will continue getting trampled if we keep waiting for the right leaders to arrive. This is a bigger IF.

The amazing team at FTI has come with a blueprint to remove this big IF from India. Its core philosophy is ‘Freedom with accountability’. It is a platform to build leaders who will take a plunge into active politics. FTI proposes to put in place, the most advanced and foolproof governance system any country can have. It aims to make the laws most simplified and easily understandable followed by their strong and non-discriminatory enforcement and, supported by a fair and fast justice delivery system. Rationalized tax system, non-interference in any religious activity, a system with equal opportunity and responsibility alike, are some of the many highlights.
FTI aims for a political movement to spread the message of freedom and purify our political system by electing leaders with a clean background, unquestionable integrity. While our present partypolitics is hopeless, the Freedom Team of India offers hope. It is a platform to build leaders who will take a plunge into active politics and build the India we dream of.
I have joined Freedom Team of India. You can also support FTI in many ways:
Spread the word, Post it on your FB/Twitter or other networks
Forward this message to your friends with a suitable suggestion
Do not put up with injustice but pay your taxes
Find the right leaders around you
Support FTI Pls take few mins and go through this message and below web link,
and the best of all, join FTI @ and take it forward.

"The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing" i know you all are good men but pls do something for this nation and don't let the evil corrupt Politicians a chance to ruin this nation.

FTI Member,
"Government that is ideal governs least"

Education is first to this nation

Deregulation & Decontrol of
Higher & Technical Education
Government to concentrate on Primary     & Secondary Education only up to the 10th
  1. Present population of India is about 1200 million
  2. 72% or nearly 775 million are below the age of 35 years
  3. It is estimated that there are nearly 300 million people in the age group from 18 years to 50 years who seek employment, either self employment or otherwise
  4. India has a large number of young people but they are not educated and trained to world class standards, therefore most are not employable.
  5. Nearly 46 million people are registered with various Employment Exchanges, with little or no hope of getting some sort of employment
  6. Excepting in Information Technology and Software where there may be 50,000 or more private I.T. training institutes and centers, which is the reason for the IT success,
  7. There are very few facilities for training the other 2500 courses offered in 15,000 modules, in different branches of Vocational Education and Training, VET
  8. In developed and developing countries nearly 10% of the population between the ages 15 to 55 would be doing some sort of Vocational Education & Training, VET, this would amount to about 60 to 70 million people being trained in India at any given time!
  9. In India the number of people getting some sort of VET is hardly 1.5 to 2 million students per year, totally inadequate for a country of the size of India.
  10. India spends about Rs. 78,000 cr. per year on education, 90% by the State Governments and 10% by the Central Government. The new Education Cess may bring in another Rs. 6000 cr. per year. This is about 4% of GDP. At this stage of India’s development about 8% to 10% of GDP is required for education and training. It is estimated that additional Rs. 1,00,000 cr. To Rs. 1,25,000 cr. funds are required per year.
  11. The present Literacy levels are only 67.5%, a balance of nearly 400 million people need to be made literate.
  12. The present Indian definition of Literacy also needs up-gradation
  13. Various studies have proved, without any doubt, that the GDP growth rate moves up by 1% to 2% per year, only as a result of an educated and literate population
  14. Nearly 28 million people are added to the youth population every year, putting additional burden on the existing Primary and Secondary Education infrastructure of India.
  15. In the 7 IIT’s and the 5 IIM’s the total number of seats allows only the top 1.1% to1.3% of the applicants to be selected. The top 15% of these students find admission any where in the world educational institutions, provided they can pay for their fees.
  16. The IIT’s and IIM’s charge highly subsidized fees, as a result, even after 57 years of independence they have no surplus to set up new campuses
  17. It is estimated that nearly Rs 50,000 cr of funds flow out of India  every year, directly and indirectly, for the Indian students studying abroad, enough to build 30 IIT’s or 50 IIM’s per year!
  18. The IIT’s, IIM’s and colleges of Higher & Technical Education will find it very difficult to get teaching staff and trainers on fixed government levels of salary and wage structure. It is regrettable that though the students from these institutions get much higher starting salaries than their professors, this aspect has been ignored by the civil society as well as the government!
  19. The State and Central governments have very little additional funds for education and Training. Therefore it is necessary to consider funding from private sources
  20. In spite of the best intentions of the judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, it is not practical that the fees structure be decided by them. Market forces are the best leveler.
  21. Capitation fees and corruption in education will only be diminished by deregulation and by allowing the market forces of supply and demand take care of quality and quantity of education
  22. Very few schools provide development of other aspects of character building and of important values and extra curricular activities such as sports, music, drama, hobbies and prevocational courses in the 2500 Vocational Courses
  23. If India has to compete in world markets it needs world class trained manpower to make Indian enterprises high quality and low cost

  1. In the first phase, Government should concentrate from Kinder Garden to the 10th Class for the next 20 to 25 years, or till literacy levels of above 98% have been achieved, whichever is sooner
  2. Enterprise Skills and Education or ESD needs to be started from Class 1st to Class 10th. This will impart to the youth a view of how the real world works and help them to choose the profession of their choice and aptitude, by the time they are 14 to 16 years of age.
  3. Pre-vocational courses should be started from Class 7th to 10th.
  4. Councilors and student advisors need to be available to all students in the secondary schools. This network needs urgent implementation.
  5. All funding for higher and Technical Education should be diverted towards Primary and Secondary education.
  6. License Raj in Higher & Technical Education, including Vocational Education & Training should go. Reservation for up to 25% of seats for merit and merit-cum-poverty to be reserved in such institutions at very nominal fees of say 25% of normal fees
  7. Private capital from Citizens and NRI’s should be encouraged to set up world class facilities for all forms of educational institutions, to make India an International Hub for education. World wide education is 500% bigger than I.T. and software.
  8. Like in private tuition and in the education of I.T. and software there should be no interference from the government, for private institutions of Higher Education, eg…
    • Selection of Syllabus
    • Salary levels of teachers
    • Appointment of the head of the Institution
    • Appointment of staff and teachers
    • Fee structure of different courses
    • Introduction of new courses and scrapping of old courses
     9.  IIT’s and IIM’s should be allowed to start multiple campuses any where in India with or without private partners who bring in finance and other expertise
    10. Indian Universities and colleges should be allowed to upgrade their infrastructure by bringing in Indian or other partners, provided that they always have full management control of their institutions
     11. A dynamic relationship between Teaching-Research-Industry-Enterprise-Government, is required
     12. Education & Training worldwide, as an Enterprise, is 500% the size of I. T. and software. The MHRD should do whatever is necessary to promote India as an International Hub in education & training. This alone can propel India to become a ‘World Power’. This alone can remove and reduce the menace of Capitation Fees!