Sunday, 18 March 2012

Return freebies and demand good governance

Almost 60% of the populataion are impoverised with lack of all the basic needs like Food,shleter and basic health care.Our notorious politicians with a very selfish vote garbing mindset will visit the people once in 5years by making a attractive propaganda like "If our party comes to power we will Give TV,Some says free grinder,some one says will Rs.10,000/-,but no one says education",for the sake of enjoying those nasty socialist policies which favors them to multiply inflation and earn money more than 10times the money they spent in election to reap it again.This keeps uttelry commonman as slaves, illiterates and poor. Feed them with some for the starving for the day to get the votes which is insane and our Indian politician forgets,masks the fundamental duty to the nation that is providing effective justice,security and good infrastructure;Whose money being subsided for these fancy freebies and enjoying their power without integrity?Its all our tax money.Educated youths pls get to know this and you pls make aware of those poor people to elect the right one.Here is the problem arises people know that there is flaw with these political parties so if they turn other side its little better among the worst that is the alternative they get so far.So its quite clear that we lack good leaders and policies which are the base for any political party to govern properly and ultimately people will become prosperous once they find so.So this the time our people to throw away the freebies to the notorious parties and should strongly demand good governance which will be an enabler of its citizen to empower people economically stronger.

"Welfare State in Democratic set are committed to safeguard the interests of the welfare of the people"-This is the route cause for all the failures.No one can use the others money as if his own money this is the stark truth.The welfare should be taken care by the individuals and the government should be just an enabler for the citizens to do;For this economic liberty should be there for people to do good things of their interest without any barriers. "Giving food to all, shelter, health care,education for all, job to all and fair wages to the general public" how many years these have been told and preached in every election,why cant none of the nasty political crooks or party can evade this????Just think.These same problems faced earlier by developed nations how its solved by them.We have experienced for 65 years still we are impoverished and we could not be able to put our things right till now,here is the solution to all the elites and educated youths must look in do read this book,which is freely downloadable.

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