Saturday, 3 March 2012

For creating better India its in our Hands and no one can do.India needs great leaders in You.Pls join FTI for reforming India.

I hope you can have few minutes to read my Blog which is of quite important for Nation building which is need of the hour now,as you were promoting so many things like Kolaveri songs,entertainment,chit chats about actors and so on....I would sincerely request every one to at least read the below mail and pls spread,join,inform to your friends circle about FTI which is basically focused on nation building and reforming.

Ours is an amazing country! We are perennially suffering the abuse by the criminalized politics and bureaucracy in the name of democracy and equality. The lucky few, who manage to get the ‘VIP Pass’ to be an insider of this system, quickly learn the art of trampling upon the downtrodden and exploit them to the hilt. The capacity to manipulate becomes our biggest quality, not our talent or enterprise. For the most of the outsiders, it’s back to waiting for that elusive VIP Pass. For, we would do the same if we get a chance to get inside. Or we would not?I believe I am different. I believe you are different. I believe most people in this amazing country are different – just waiting for the right leadership. We all would pay our taxes honestly, would never jump signal, would never pay bribe, would never break the queue, only if we were sure we were not being trampled by those VIP pass holders. And, that is a big if. We will continue getting trampled if we keep waiting for the right leaders to arrive. This is a bigger IF.

The amazing team at FTI has come with a blueprint to remove this big IF from India. Its core philosophy is ‘Freedom with accountability’. It is a platform to build leaders who will take a plunge into active politics. FTI proposes to put in place, the most advanced and foolproof governance system any country can have. It aims to make the laws most simplified and easily understandable followed by their strong and non-discriminatory enforcement and, supported by a fair and fast justice delivery system. Rationalized tax system, non-interference in any religious activity, a system with equal opportunity and responsibility alike, are some of the many highlights.
FTI aims for a political movement to spread the message of freedom and purify our political system by electing leaders with a clean background, unquestionable integrity. While our present partypolitics is hopeless, the Freedom Team of India offers hope. It is a platform to build leaders who will take a plunge into active politics and build the India we dream of.
I have joined Freedom Team of India. You can also support FTI in many ways:
Spread the word, Post it on your FB/Twitter or other networks
Forward this message to your friends with a suitable suggestion
Do not put up with injustice but pay your taxes
Find the right leaders around you
Support FTI Pls take few mins and go through this message and below web link,
and the best of all, join FTI @ and take it forward.

"The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing" i know you all are good men but pls do something for this nation and don't let the evil corrupt Politicians a chance to ruin this nation.

FTI Member,
"Government that is ideal governs least"


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