Friday, 3 August 2012

Are the so-called HINDUS (INDIANS/NON INDIANS) privileged to get any subsidy for their pilgrimage?

India in its constitution declared it as a secular government which will respect all religion, controversy to it we experience federal allocates subsidy to Muslim pilgrimages for HAJ i.e government only provide subsidy to muslims for going to Mecca.

Supreme Court clearly said, No subsidy, not even a Rupee, is offered to Hindus to go to Manassarowar or Sabarimala or Kumbh Mela or Chidambaram or rameswaram etc. What government does is facilitate the transportation. That is not subsidy. Every Hindu pilgrim pays the full transportation cost for the visit.No matter, no muslim countries offer such subsidy or it is unholy to take money from the govt (Hindu money) to go for Haj.

What is the way out to stop Haj subsidy or to make everyone equal? There is only one way, which BJP-NDA govt falied to do. Govt must offer Rs. 4000 crores subsidy for HIndu pilgrimages, and to jains, sikhs, buddhists, chrsitians as per their proportion.

BJP wanted only HIndu votes, but not doing anything for them. Vajpayee increased the amount of Haj subsidy and promosed to create 2 lakhs Urdu teachers jobs if voted to power (said in 2004 Loksabha election time). But he had no guts and imagination to offer subsidy to Hindu pilgrimages.

There are millions of hindus in different parts of the country who can never think to visit Hardwar, Varanasi, Somnath/Dwarakadhesh mandir,chidambaram or Tirupati etc (keep aside Mansarowar). But why these poor HIndus can’t visit a chidambaram in their own country? Why there is no subsidy for them? When a poor and illiterate muslim can make pilgrimage to a far-away another country, why a poor hindu can’t make it inside the country?

All of us pay taxes either directly or indirectly.You will be surprised to know that the poorest of the poor including a beggar also pays taxes. Are you aware that every time you buy insignificant products like toothpaste, brush, cloths, copy ,pencils, or a soap cake, then excise duty or sales tax is included in the price of that product. This tax that has gone into the government coffers is our money. There are stamp duties, service taxes, custom duties and plethora of other taxes that go to government coffers.The statistics show that 70% of the population spends about Rs.20 only per day, per person. In a family of five, the monthly expense is Rs. 3000. If all kinds of taxes are added they average about 10%.In other words, even a poor family pays a tax of Rs.300 per month or Rs.3600 per year. Then its upto you to calculate for 1.21 billion heads.You are the owners of this tax which has been collected by the government.But in return as welfare by govt is like appeasing the minority for attaining the power.
Its a absolute misgovernanace and bad policies favoring for plunder and corruption.

When Bangladesh was made it has 37%hindus and remaining muslims, currently 7% hindus left, what happen to 30%? Is this the way you want your Hindus to be treated? Nevertheless, our pseudo secular government is stealing the money from even a beggar who is paying tax and providing to the welfare of minority muslims to appease them for votes.

Religious subsidy must be for all. Else it must go. If muslims get Rs. 680 crores, HIndus must be given Rs.4000 crores. Only BJP can do that and I am sure they will get millions more Hindu votes. BJP has not matured yet to consolidate Hindu votes. They think lip service and slogans will bring them Hindu votes.

Supreme court of India has directed “union government should abolish the haj subsidy in 10 years time”why so long for implementation? Any order should be implemented immediately. Unfortunately, during the 10 years there will be some excuse for extend the benefits. When even the muslims are saying that it is not right to go to haj with unearned money, why should the govt. interfere. Unfortunately, in India vote bank politics taken priority over everything else! If congress wins in 2014, the haj subsidy will continue on some excuse or other!This is quite repeated from the period of Indira Gandhi regime.


However, the above is a postulate remains true for that moment and will be changed on vote bank politics. Now many argue that the subsidy is not a concession, it is a “right,” why subsidy should be curtailed. Reservation is provided for SC/ST etc despite in constitution it is mentioned for period of 10years but it is continuing why haj subsidy has to be curtailed?


This is a repeated mistake of Congress government for 60 years to appease the minority community and to attract the votes. However, our constitution states as secular, albeit we fodder and instigate communal bias for mere selfish fulfillment of political parties, one should be clear that we are not a SECULAR state, instead a complete Pseudo secular state in amorphous way. 


As regards the Hajj subsidy, from the figures for the past 19 appears that the amount of subsidy has been increasing every year. This is on account of increase both in the number of pilgrims and the travel cost/air fare. In the year 1994, the number of pilgrims going for Hajj from India was as low as 21035; in 2011, the number of pilgrims increased to 125000. In the year 1994, the cost of travel per pilgrim was only Rs.17000.00; in the year 2011, it went up to Rs.54800.00. As a result, the total Hajj subsidy that was Rs.10.51 crores in the year 1994 swelled up to Rs.685 crores in the year 2011.

From tangible evidence India is a nation with 80% Hindu population, but why they allow this partiality? Why can’t a country with 800 million can’t raise voice for their privilege at least rather voice for imbalance? The outcome, this is the unity we had in our society as being segregated by numerous castes and having notorious leaders for each castes for their selfish needs. When there is a common problem, no one will unite to raise his or her voice. This is the reason 18% minority but with a strong unity wins. Currently the so called “80% Hindus is a majority in the minority in power as well as unity.” I recall the words of the renowned freedom fighter in Tamil nadu V.O.C’s excellent quotes in 1908”We are 300 million people in this nation, if we are united and if we just blow off our breathe those white crooks will flew away from this nation, can we realize that might and do so?” For instigating this motivational speech against British, he was given lifelong imprisonment. Nevertheless, until now, we could not have such a unity in place, if in place our freedom would have been achieved quite earlier. We should come out of the arbitrary clouds and shackles of religion, caste, and sects and be united as INDIAN. No society can prosperous if we are disintegrated on the evil grounds of caste and sects.

“A disintegrated society weakens the entire nation, where it lets the way for invaders and internal disaster”

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  1. When even the Muslims are saying that it is not right to go to haj with unearned money, why should the govt. interfere.
    Well said about this fact Stalin !