Monday, 29 October 2012

One minute message for everyone to act

Dear Friends,

One minute message for all of you to act for a good cause which FTI is taking up.As you know I have been advocating and spreading around my friends circle through mails about FTI initiated "All India's first ever Public policy writing competition" consistent with FTI briefed policy architecture.Its main motive is to grab attention of all the young talented students from various top institutions and top researchers around India,
for which FTI is keenly working on fund raising and requires all of your support to make it happen successful.I can speak about Importance of policies,stringent system,effective governance,economics and more about reforms only to educated Indians like you as we have got the basic needs of survival with us,who has ability to spare some time in listening and contribute for a real change where as the same i cannot speak and advocate to the remaining 500 million illiterates who is mere fighting for a day bread, shelter and thinking about next day meal for survival.Its in our hands to listen,bring a real change and harmony to this nation.

"No nation can ever be great without good policies.An opportunity to become part of a great India,
your small donation matters a lot"

Droplets of rain only forms a larger water resource, we have reached around 2.5L fund and hardly half way to go further to reach target of 5 Lakh,every small contribution matters for change.Kindly consider this request and you can confirm your commitments to and cc to

Best Regards,

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