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Don't kill their future dreams-A claim to uplift Indian Beggars

I am quite disturbed every day on seeing children, women with child begging in railway stations,temples or public places in our country.Its not that other countries are not having poverty or beggars,but the extent we face is really making us shame and makes me to ask what are the 800+MPs representing people’s concern for 70 years doing?And apart from that what each street has a political party with a leader who declares himself that he is savior or god who will save the people,that is the reason now GOD has left its presence(emphasis mine).India is a home of Beggars. I don’t stress this or manifest in order to belittle our nation,but in no other country you will find so many beggars. The reason is that begging is a profession in India. Many of the beggars are beggars by birth. They do not like to change their profession. The make their living with ease. Most of the beggars are idlers. They cause a great loss of labor and industry to the nation. Their manual labor could have been better utilized in factories or mills or very especially Agricultural sectors where every body is trying to leave that profession because of lack of labor capital . They would have produced useful work. Hence the healthy beggars should not be given any alms or money. They should be discouraged in every ways so that they may become the useful members of the society.To make it happen I would not recommend it to be a government job,the NGOs and many social reformers can have a great role here,but the big question is what is the solution to get rid of beggary and bring them in the main stream population. I have well examined few, which I would propose as a solution here in my blog.

Prelude about beggary in India:

The Oscar winning film, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, highlighted the plight of hundreds of thousands of children in India who are being forced to beg by mafia-style gangs. There are an estimated 300,000 child beggars in India, although some organisations claim it is as many as a million. Every year, 44,000 children fall into the clutches of the gangs. Many of them are deliberately maimed. Arms and legs are forcibly amputated, others are cruelly blinded. The gangs also pour acid on to children’s bodies leaving them with suppurating wounds. The more they are tortured or tormented, the more sympathy they gain when they beg. They are trained to approach certain kinds of people and use certain mannerisms, to extract even more money. There are many child beggars who are not mutilated, but those with the worst injuries make the most money, earning up to ten times the amount that millions in India survive on each day. Of course the children do not see any of their earnings. These are handed over to the gangmasters, and if a child does not make their target that day they are beaten and tortured. In Mumbai in particular, visitors are often approached by a child or woman wanting some powdered milk to feed a baby. They will assist you to a nearby stall or shop that conveniently happens to sell tins or boxes of such “milk”. However, the milk will be expensively priced (often around 200 rupees) and if you hand over the money for it, the shopkeeper and the beggar will simply split the proceeds between them.Beggars also rent babies from their mothers each day, to give their begging more credibility.

It look that we have too much poverty since we are in lack of resources but that is completely false,recently I have jotted few words in my FB timeline as mentioned below which could explain you well,

“India has 180 Million hectares(12 Months sunshine),U.S has 160 Million hectares (3 to 4 months sunshine),China has 90 Million hectares(2 Months of sunshine only)arable and cultivatable land,but the yield taken in India is least where as U.S and china takes 10 and 2 times than that of India respectively;If Punjab,western U.P,Tamilnadu and A.P were properly irrigated and cultivated it is quite possible to feed the ENTIRE ASIA.The problem is Agriculture is not empowered or considered as an enterprise or industry and not respected in India which we could say still we have the colonial hangover of British saying Indians are countrymen and they don't respect us as for being in farming.The same now stupid Indians saying to our own people in way our policies are so weak in order to make farmers suicide.we need right reforms in agricultural sector and fake socialist freebies,NREGA,Rs.600 monthly scheme all this should be shutdown at first else labor cost for farming will increase farmers cannot do farming since there are notorious mendacious,venal politicians are there who are ready to steal money from tax payers and give it to drones and lazy drunken idiots who worth nothing”

Why there are so many Beggars in India?

The common thing with people in India are religious minded. The Hindus believe in the rebirth of soul after death. They think that if they would do good actions, God would be pleased with them and he would send them to this world again as men. The Muslims too believe that if they would do well to their fellow-beings, they would be sent to Jannat (paradise) on the Day of Judgment. Soon all people are charitable by nature. Hence they distribute food among the beggars.The charitable deposition of the people encourages beggary. Some people just evade to get rid from them for sake they used to offer some money.People can get bread, flour, clothes and money without any effort of hard work on their part. So they like to be beggars. Besides this, the absence of workhouse or poor houses compels the blind, the lame and disabled people to take to begging. They have to means of supporting themselves. When they get no help from the Government, they become beggars.This where NGOs and social reformers have huge scope.
Besides ordinary beggars, there are religious beggars. The Muslim beggars are called faqirs, while the Hindus beggars are called Sadhus. Some of these faquirs and Sadhus are very pious and learned. They give up everything of this world.But now its rare to see gems.

How it affects the BRAND INDIA image to outside world and its impact:

India was one of the great ancient civilization, has continuously maintained around 18% of share in world trade for almost 18 centuries, it has not even sent a solider to conquer any of its neighboring countries though it had the power to do. Such a cultured civilization and greatness this land has got once. Now the modern India, with a billion plus population has a booming economy, many eminent and powerful people feature in the world's richest list. This is how the world knew about us, ironically once a visitor from outside world comes to India for business, tour, or as a visitor seeing the pathetic reality aside felt bad to see many disturbing incidents of beggars in large mass in public places.Apart from these there are around 21 Million NRIs outside INDIA who are much frustrated and they are the far more criticizer of india than the outside visitors and branded it as a poor,rotten,uncivilized nation etc rather providing solution for the problem.This affects the image of a great nation and who will reconstruct this image?do you think government can?it is the most ignorant and least bothered failure institution in India to protect its own image.Though around 1000s of IFS officers are there with government it does not teach or tell them how to make a appeal to NRIs to protect the image of this nation or rather being as a cultural defenders of this nation,they both spoiled the image of this nation.
Tourism is one of the biggest revenue/employment generation sector which india has regret at huge pay,where as China and south Korea generates billions of revenue and employment in this sector. By having such a vast inequality and improper infrastructure we lack millions of potential tourists entering this nation since we failed to put things in order. Some of the below are the general comments by tourists. 

Tourist Comments:
1.When contacted, railway protection force admitted that beggars create menace on the station, but claimed, "We are trying to remove them from the platforms. We have also started a drive to remove and prosecute them, but they keep coming back.'' He further claimed that the number of beggars was high therefore, they continue troubling commuters. Meanwhile, tourists complain that it is horrible to wait at the platforms while beggars keep on troubling them.
2.”In the three years we have lived in India our hearts have hardened a little. Having seen so many chronically disabled and mangled souls it is not so easy to be moved by an able-bodied pan-handler. But it's a source of guilt: Many of those who appear healthy are drug addicts, alcoholics or mentally ill and abandoned by their families.”
3."You took pity on a beggar and gave alms. What you didn't realise is that these people are forced to beg by others who exploit them and make money through them. So next time you feel pity for a beggar, stop and think! Are you really helping the needy?".
4.”It seems cynical. Delhi is hosting the Commonwealth Games next year and is desperate to clean up its streets,numerous in living streets with no shelter  and show the world a modern India.”

Source: Telegraph media group.

Proposal to Eradicate Beggars:

I have researched many papers regarding the eradication of poverty and beggers in street as mentioned below which I do not know how far is effective and at last i have given my view also, 

”Every district collector/magistrate should be empowered to identify such people with their names (names could be misleading because they may not be having a birth certificate or any other source of valid identification) Once the identification process is over, the next step is to hand them over to institutions like Missionaries of Charity. Meanwhile, both the Government of India and top five hundred corporations of India (Fortune 500 companies of India can come forward under Corporate Social Responsibility) must tie up and forge an alliance with institutions like Missionaries of Charity, under Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme. The scheme should be aimed at uplifting each and every beggar in India.The suggested scheme under PPP is to fine-tune this expertise so that each and every beggar gets a permanent shelter to live in, get proper food to eat and decent clothes to wear. Once these basic essentials are assured, he/she can be given training on jobs like weaving clothes on loom, art, crafts, and handicrafts and so on with the help of mechanized / semi-mechanized machines. Additionally, the finance organization of such missionaries ought to be of high order, which should be the driving force for corporate to donate money for such social causes.The government can become the facilitator by assuring reservation of quotas for all the goods produced by the beggars. Such reservations can be done in all big malls and duty free shops. Additionally, the government can also mandate export of such products to foreign countries where people love to associate with such.”

However, in my view I would plead to all citizens not to give even a single paisa for beggars at any point of time, if so it is as if you are spoiling your own brat by feeding more candy.If you are really concerning the future of beggars or life of beggars then you should teach him how to do fishing,and should not feed him the fish directly; then every individual will becomes lazy and definetly no one will work to earn money for their living. As everyone knows that in India around 65% of employment or people engagement are in agricultural sectors in rural India where it’s getting decline now since farmers are really suffering from agricultural labors to continue their occupation and many withdraw from farming because they don’t get manpower to execute their jobs.Another major concern for agricultural farmers are they have to pay high labor cost say Rs.250 to 350 per day for doing work in agricultural land.its quite pity to note that even engineers are struggling to get a job nowadays for this money.Though the farmers pay high and execute the work,their output after getting is yield is quite low.This is quite disheartening and they feel disappointed for being in that occupation.The root cause for high capital labor cost in agricultural sector is because of detoriating,unethical government schemes which empower useless lazy labor where as discourages the farmers extremely.i.e when a labor gets Rs.1000 to 2000 per month under government schemes like NREGA etc then there is less drive or motivation for him to work and earn money for his living.hence in order to work he demands more money from farmers ultimately farmer is unable to provide the demanded amount as he gets very meager amount from the agricultural yield.
So the above provides you an idea that we have so much of demand for agricultural sectors labors or manpower to do a very productive job.Hence what I suggest is that these lazy beggars should be a shown a way that there are opportunisties for them to earn and work in agricultural sectors and they should guided,driven in agricultural sectors for grooming their life and getting inline to main stream population.There is a saying in economics for eradicating poverty “poverty is there when there is scarcity for water, all the problems disease,illiteracy etc are surrounded, hence show people the place where there is water or arrange water to reach them,then they will make a sustainable living of their own”.

I am with the above metaphor to plead all of you that if you are concerned about the future of beggars pls don’t provide them money in their begging pan rather show them a way to sustainable living that is work and earn-Rural India needs plenty of labors for agricultural activities. The renaissance for changing beggar’s future is in our hands and we should do necessary support through NGOs or creative organization to transform their life.

“A Hammer shatters a glass, but forges a steel" 

The Money provided to a beggar can get a meal for a day,but will not forge his future hence show the way how to work and then earn money”

Jai Hind!Jai Bharat!

1. Dalit freedom network Australia.
2.Employment,wages,productivity in Indian agriculture by Brajesh Jha.


  1. My dear Stalin,
    You are a dynamic and very intelligent young man who puts proper thought and research into his blog posts. I may be old but I am not ashamed to say that I have learnt from your blog- e.g. post re. gaur seeds and fracking.
    Unfortunately, you appear to be under the spell of Sanjeev Sabhlok, who is simply ignorant and stupid.
    I am a useless fellow but I love India and I expect to see a clean and smart gentleman like yourself- who has quite good command of Tamil also- to use your own brain and cling only to Truth so as to raise up our Nation.
    Look at this comedy that Sanjeev Sabhlok is doing with Baba Ramdev! (
    Sabhlok is not intelligent. Heart may be in the right place but, like me, he has some mental health issues. Please be wary of North Indian High Castes- they turn into Manuvadis. Tamil Nadu has only made progress because we are a great and loving people. How can we have Caste nonsense? MGR may have come from Kerala or Sri Lanka or Sweden! What do I care? He gave a delineation of ideal character which is not dependent on any 'Sastra' or 'Yoga-bhoga' or other stupid superstition.
    Love is the key. Only from Love does true Courage and Endurance arise. My maternal grandfather was a Trade Union leader, after he passed, grandmother was just a poor lady managing somehow but she did service as a Honorary Magistrate and wrote some novels. At age 60, she went to B.H.U and did Economics B.A.
    She was the person who showed me that Socialism is not bad or good. Capitalism can be good- if it is based on MORAL values.
    You are writing as though Beggars are some different species from Human Beings. Sir, please change it- say- rogues should be put in prison and re-educated. Needy peoples, you can take them in your house- however small it may be. But for this one needs COURAGE.
    Sir, whether one says 'God gave me courage' or 'film of MGR gave me inspiration'- what is the difference? I am a sinner and liking Hinduism. But I like watching movie of Karunanidhi 'Parasakti' because it shows IDEALISM. It comes from LOVE. Tamil people love Tamil Nadu but only from loving home country then they also love any country- it's a factual matter which I'm sure you have also felt.
    Sir, abandon some empty ideology or idols with feet of clay.
    Write from your heart and on basis of your own quest for Truth. Within one year you will be well established.

  2. You are awesome and your blog has helped me in my assignment

  3. You are awesome and your blog has helped me in my assignment