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Indians – the slave “species”

I have recently read a blog of Mr.Sanjeev to brief him in concise "he is the Modern day Active Indian reformer and FTI Colleague of mine too";A thought provoking,sensational and really it brings the truth,ironically truth is always bitter to hear and listen.Pls kindly go through, read patiently and my sincere request to my fellow Indian citizens is that pls be united to fight for the common cause which is against the human and well being of our people like "Extreme Poverty,poor economy,Majority of people living with extreme diseases, Poor infrastructure,poor security, impoverished farmers,No Economic liberty,Extremely poor life style and we need to get rid of all the nasty caste based reservations & Politics".

I once again reinstate my several times preached words "A disintegrated society,people weakens the entire nation and we cannot get good things done;Pls be united,aware and awakened to fight for righteousness and good cause".

The below is the blog of Mr.Sanjeev which i would like to share in his own words as follows.....*******************************************************************************
In 1947 there was one Britisher in India for every 1,000 Indians (300 million Indians, 300,000 Britishers).

A more useless group of people can't be imagined where 1000 of them will point a finger towards ONE person and say: "You are evil since you are oppressing us". All that is needed is to KILL the oppressor. End of oppression.

Unless, of course, we are talking not about humans but about a slave species.

The truth remains that Indians could not organise themselves to defeat the British till the British left largely on their own accord because they had been weakened by two World Wars, and governing India was becoming a drain, not a source of wealth.

For 999 Indians to fight ONE Britisher was just too hard. That systematic organisation is needed to overcome such oppression did not strike the Indians.

I'm not undermining the enormous contributions of the independence fighters, but let it be known and always remembered (when we try to point fingers at the British for what they presumably did to India) that for every 1000 Indians there was just one Britisher.

A more damning criticism of a "race", than this, can't exist.

And now that the British have left and gone – long ago – why do we still follow ALL their systems and practices without even reviewing whether they themselves follow such things any longer?

Does the idea of a slave "species" come to mind?

Mt Everest

Mt Everest had been sitting next to India's borders for 10,000 years, but no Indian everdared to climb the mountain. Instead, Indians worshipped the mountain: any mountain. Anything difficult was worshipped, not conquered.

It took the planned organisation of tens of dedicated mountaineers from the West 
(a) to identify that climbing Mount Everest is a valid challenge, and
 (b) to organise systematically to meet the challenge.

Many Western lives were lost in the process, the unsung heroes of the great conquest of nature by man. But the West kept studying and attacking the mountain until it was vanquished. Today people climb it without even oxygen masks. Only after the West had opened the road, did Indians follow, claiming to be great heroes, even though they had failed to show any heroism in this regard for 10,000 years.

The poles

Similarly the North Pole and South Pole. It was not Indians, I can assure you, who identified the challenge and determined to overcome it. Today, some Indians work at the magnetic poles, but they are merely following like sheep behind those who had opened the path and demonstrated that this could be done.

Australia and America

In 1999 (or early 2000), Liberty Institute Delhi organised a seminar in which they invited me as a speaker. One of participants was a BJP MLA. Among the ridiculous claims this man made was to criticise the West for having "taken over" the vacant lands of the Americas and Australia and "oppressed" the aborigines and native Indians. In response I asked him: What had prevented India from occupying these lands first? Surely if you don't have the courage to explore new lands and settle them, you can't complain when others do it.

The West lost thousands of ships and millions of lives in its quest to find and populate new continents. Why were Indians sitting on their haunches for 10,000 years? Praying to the Gods without having the GUTS to get out into the deep ocean and fight the elements.

Each such story shows only one thing: that Indians are probably a slave "species". Not for them the independence of mind and determination of purpose that Vivekananda talked about. Content to be copycats and followers, they are happiest when governance is left to the hands of Westerners. Indians are the happiest, for instance, in the West, where high quality governance is provided by others and they enjoy the benefits.

When it comes to governing their own nation, though, they are totally unable to organise themselves to overcome any challenge.

All am asking is that Indians organise themselves to defeat 500 corrupt incompetent socialist MPs. Just 500. Not even 300,000.

And what's the response? It is too difficult.

Too difficult to defeat an enemy force of 500 people? We can't do that?

Note that no achievement comes from wishful thinking. It requires ENORMOUS preparation.

Are Indians ready to work hard to prepare? That's why theFreedom Team of India.

To beat this enemy force of 500 MPs, we need to organise systematically.


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