Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The way shown by our Notorious leaders for their identity and publicity-Is this the 65 years of public discipline we learnt???

For a myriad of reasons, all Indian cities hygienic conditions,traffic,walk ways and bus stops are in a terrible mess. One such case i want to emphasis and brief in detail is the pasting of wall posters in all the public places,bus stops and private owners walls in the city.
Most of the nasty posters and paintings i have observed in Chennai city are all for the publicity of notorious political leaders which i could see and its weigh accordingly 80%,10%,10% political publicity,cinema posters and remaining is other advertisements respectively,that is the reason the title of the post is little controversy since i brought the crooked political leaders in.The way that our political leaders think to create their bogus identity is to paste or paint wall posters any where they see in public places,and often in the bus stops hiding the bus stop name even.This has been habituated and practised religiously by their followers too rigorously.Hence now the trend is any political leader who wants to convey message or to show his face,fame they have taught their followers for the past 65 years with a discipline to destroy the public places and publicize thier identity.This is quite shameful in 21st century to see like this and pity thing in future after 50years also the Indian cities will be like this unless good leaders emerge and inculcate the right discipline and should live a legacy how the city should be governed and public places should be protected.The below photographs will speak louder than my words.Pls have a look.For some may think about me why i always retaliate the political leaders,i have the answer below:

1.For many thinking that people don't have civic sense,lack of common sense etc.The answer is no idiot or crook will do a nasty thing of pasting,painting the wall,bus stops,public places or in buses without any incentive.The thing is that many people in state cities are improvised and they don't have sufficent economy to survive so they get some thing do with these nasty placards/posters which the bogus political leaders offers them,that is why they got indirectly motivated from the political crooks and destroy the city like this.

2.For those who think why cant the government ensure these nasty,daubed activities strictly?The answer is the government itself is run by those who do such things.

3.To those who think that why this does not happen in other developed nations?The most obvious answer is that a strict vigilance and punishment system is prevalent in those places. Here in India it is the sab chalta hai raj.

Hence every one knows that its the fundamental duty of the government to ensure a proper infrastructure,a safe city and healthy environment and this will not happen in the socialist governed Indian states.To make it happens first people should have and felt about the awareness and should chose right leaders.

Picture#1(A bus stop in Adyar,Chennai with no bus stop information,no Bus numbers details,timings etc but fully covered with Advertisements and in the background you could see the wall with political leaders publicity)

Picture#2(A public place wall in Velachery, Chennai painted with a bogus political leader publicity,in future all the roads even get posted and painted shame and pitiful!!!! )

Picture#3 (An electric junction box in Chennai fully covered with advertisements and there is no sign to identify what it is?Absolute nonsense!!!!)

Picture#4(Again another bus stop in Chennai with no bus stop details but fully covered with advertisements)

Picture#5(This is something quite nuisance that people doing worship in public traffic place in Chennai one of the busiest traffic spot,i don't understand why and how these has to be done in public-Dear people let your bakthi be an personnel asset and not public)

Picture#6(This picture is in continuation with the above one.... causing chaos and public disturbance to traffic)

To all my fellow citizens of this nation,Never day dream that your city will be changed to neat and clean,unless you felt,take part and participate in governance.This consensus should be resolved and awareness among people should be there to chose the right leaders to stem the rot, before it reaches a point of no return.I would like others to share their opinions.

"For all religious fanatics let your bakthi be an personal asset and all individual discipline should be an public asset"

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  1. Right Stalin, young people have to come forward. Young people who believe in individual liberty and in Classical liberalism.
    They have to come out, according to me, not for the good of the nation. That is the corollary. If they come out and fight for liberty, the nation will be benefited. The youth should come out for their own sake and for the sake of their family.

  2. Rightly said my dear friend.Also i suggest if you are interested you can subscribe my blogs.
    Thanks for your valuable comment.

  3. Stalin, your observations are more valuable for this nation. As a fellow citizen you, me and other people are also going through the same garbage rule of this government. But there are very few who fight for their liberty, it's not a fact that it affects only one person but also it affects the entire people who vote for this government. These are the basic facts to be followed, but where goes the funding for this?? what do the government and the local jurisdiction do to improve their locality?? Are we all aware of these root causes why they don't??

    People should come forward and raise their voice against this government in each and every locality. That's how it is going to work. Bringing the right leader is not a easy task in our country, where they tend to change over time and become corrupted.

    Basic fact is that people should fight for their rights. And we should stop being resistible to this kind of vulnerabilities. My question would be how this is going to be inculcated into our fellow citizens?

    Inspiration. By selecting a good leader?