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Forgotten colossus-The Bismark of India

On December 15,62 years ago sadar vallabhbhai patel breathed his last.He really did not die.His soul lives on and the proof is the integrity of India as he achieved to bequeaths to us.Its important to recall the map of India in 1947,especially for those patriots who now recommend complete autonomy and even "anything short of azaadi"for Kashmir. The sub continent comprised three fifths territory directly ruled by British and two fifths in the hands of the princely rulers.Except for bahawalpur and one or two other princedoms that happened to be on the Pakistani side,all the rest a total of 565 of them were on the Indian side.On the lapse of British paramountcy in 1947,if they had not been amalgamated with the union of India,
what would have happened to the country?its map would have been honeycombed like a distorted sleve and its polity a cauldron of perpetual anarchy.

The threats to the amalgamation were many.Lord wavell,the second last viceroy laid recorded that Winston Churchill had favored a trifurcation of land into 3 nations namely Pakistan,Hindustan and princestan;Instigated by nawab hamidullah khan of Bhopal not only hyderabad and junagabh but also jodhpur,indore,jamnagar,baroda and tranvacore at some stage favored either joining Pakistan or forming a separate federation or becoming individual independent.But for sardar patel's masterly statesmanship,the integration of states might not have taken place.The story of Kashmir a pointer to what could have happened elsewhere but for sardar patel. sardar Patel's work has been compared to that of otto von Bismark who united the many German speaking principalities(except Austria) under the overlordship of the king Prussia. The chancellor's achievement is no doubt an outstanding landmark in the history
of Europe. Remember however,that he had to deal with far fewer princedoms or city states that the iron man sardar and that too from the vantage  point of Prussian power which could,in turn overwhelm Austria in 1866 and France in 1870.Whereas sardar patel had just become a ruler after having been a freedom fighter for three decades.The Indian armed forces were still headed by British officers. Bismark's scale was national while iron man sardar task was continental in size.Yet Germany took eight to unite whereas Indian integration was delivered by iron man in two years.Had the Indians been as avid historians as the Europeans?Foolish Tamilans searching the Great leaders for this nation in this complex world economy only in cinema land-kodambakkam,albeit some worst scoundrels has found goddess from there; where as in general illiterate Indians knows only Nehru-Gandhi dynasty-The socialist gang.If this is the case how would our great iron man would have got his due respect? At last our sovereign is in despair,many Pakistanis has infiltrated in the western India and in the east a recent mass riot has happened because of bangaldeshis population mixed with the Assam native population creating chaos unemployment,social injustice and upheaval etc just motivated for the sake of vote bank politics.

Reference articles from FTI members:

Is this the disrupted India our great leaders wanted to see as their vision?Never they wanted a prosperous self governed nation where there is an equality of opportunity to all and every one is
treated equally.

Maintaining citizenship identity of racial mixed nation like us is very difficult but our nation
has continually failed 65 years to take any scientific measures to do this where as the emerging Indian Political reformer Mr.Sanjeev Sabhlok-Founder of FTI has very well said that "DNA based identity should be provided for all the Indian citizens" which he has written in his revolutionary book"Break free of Nehru"now freely available in this link
i would sincerely request every Indian must read this at least to know how are we now governed and how we should be living prosperously in this world.

Lets not forget the great Iron man without whom the India map would be 50% of size only remaining would have been to Pakistan and it is now the every citizens duty to possess national interest and spare some amount of you efforts for nation building.We should have 
a indomitable spirit among ourselves that we should not leave a corrupt,highly unemployed,illiterate,extremely impoverished people and fading of our great society values to the next generation.The next generation people should say that those nasty evils were once faced during my father's generations.Lets create such an GREAT INDIA,pls do visit FTI site and spread this to all the Indians

Jai Hind!!!Jai Bharat.

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