Friday, 2 November 2012

Poor system and inefficient administrative model gives way for corruption

We are economically too much backward and the failure is due to lack of  basic economics education with Indian politicians who are merely focused for their own vote banks declare freebies and false election promises to be in power, that makes it ultimately for people to suffer so badly with high inflation and corruption.

Most Indians believe that there is something wrong with the fundamental Indian character. They are wrong.

Recently I have watched a good Tamil film "sattai" also had put a few words about the film and education in my FB time line.Received a comment from one of my school mate Prave who is quite  studious in school days and a prodigy too as she was the one i remember in my school days who won the Thriukural oratorical competition by orating all the 1330 verses of Thriukural in the school competition. Its awesome and those are memorable school days.The below are the conversation with prave related to educational reform.

Here's an extract from FB on our discussions:

Stalin Anbalagan:

Watched an excellent Tamil Movie "Saatai" which emphasis the stark truth about govt. school teachers,a must watch movie for all teachers&students.Also the film highlights govt teachers lack interest,highest world average of absenteeism of teachers and deliver worst results,all these problems are due to our system which is not designed as incentive driven or market based which is the crucial problem in many of the public sectors which is delivering an absolute third rated results and enormous loss to govt Exchequer. If its incentive/performance based system then both students and teachers will be benefited,but currently only govt teachers are benefited either they delivering result nor but their job is permanent which is futile and danger to govt spending on education. Incentive/Market based policy is one such needed reform in Govt education sector,unless its non sense for govt spending someone else money on someone else.

Education and health care related professions needs more of values rather than incentive/market based reforms which are insane in insisting on such professions.

Stalin Anbalagan:
Appreciate your comments.I would like to make still more clear that my stance of "Incentive"should not be miss understood as PERKS or Additional benefits to be provided to motivate further in addition to the existing schemes-I am not voicing this.I do agree that society needs strong values and expecting from all sounds quite ideal;We all know that India has had once great Philosophers who has lived and leave a legacy for us like Mahatma Gandhi the great man who devoted his life with principles to this nation,Kamarajar another follower devoted completely to our state as epitome of how to be honest in personal and political life and list goes on...Though we have such legends we could not inspire such qualities and values in our present day society and current leaders,hence to be practical enough the western philosophers has well understood this concept"Human beings are born cheaters or opportunistic individual though values exist one side,hence the westerners well understood this concept that is where they made the system quite strong enough to punish,obey every thing as per the system,but in India we don't have any system,here money/power can influence every thing including our judicial system.This is where stringent public policy is key strategy in changing things and can make our life better,for which Mr. Sanjeev Sabhlok a prominent FTI member and former IAS officer has been sternly putting so much of efforts in framing the world best policies for India( )". Coming to education point of view,why i mentioned incentive/market based reform is, the current public sector does not value the individual through performance or result oriented structure,any govt teacher or servants can continue till retirement though he is under performing through our bad system or surviving under the influence of thugs which is still continuing and nation is spoiling.In education even a poor parents tries to send his child to affordable private schools why?there is accountability in private market,society always seeks towards to find the best,if at all a vouchers scheme were introduced and govt teachers will be provided increment/benefits or can survive as a teacher only if he/she can deliver result through performance other wise govt teacher cant survive since his job will be in peril.This is what the smart scheme where westerners are following.We have fundamentally missed wisdom or learning from the successful countries like U.S,Japan, Germany where they adopted V.E.T/ESD Courses in schools curriculum itself and a individual can start his own enterprise or job when he just completes high school irrespective of that our govt introduced non sense scheme like until 8th standard no children should be failed,free laptops,free bicycle etc at last quality of education is third rate and though students educated cant get a job-High unemployment which in-turn causes poverty and inflation.
"V.E.T -Vocational educational training;ESD-Entrepreneurship Skill development"
To conclude there is "no free lunch in economics and human beings are progressive animals always aspiring to grow,if there is no stringent system built human beings will find easy opportunity or greedy way to lead their life".I am still with you regarding "values" which are most important to individuals but exhorting that alone will not fix any problems in this country.Biggest difference between westerns and Indians is westerners has well designed systems/policy to curb corruption etc and strictly bring any culprit even CEO or Highest rank of country under law and order,but Indians don't have proper system which could make politicians or any govt servants accountable or to punish,even after 30 years we could not get compensation for methyl ISO-cyanide gas leak affected victims,where BP has spilled oil in U.S sea coast and it hardly affected only the aquatic life but U.S has put the boot on the neck of BP C.E.O to demand billions of dollar as compensation-this is one such example for system.Pls understand that everyone cant be like M. Gandhi,S.C.Bose,Kamarajar or V.O.Chidambaram Pillai etc who devoted their entire life to build nation,but for ordinary civilians to survive policy and system should be in place and it should be designed in a way where it does favor to anyone.

The Indian is no more nor any less susceptible to opportunism as any other human being in this world.The difference is that Western thinkers have realised that most of them are natural born cheaters, and have developed theories, models, and systems to control such behaviour. In India, however, we have UTTER FOOLS (socialists) who believe in exhortation against corruption. Exhortation is the WORST method to bring integrity into public life.Hence lets all join hands in creating a better system and reclaim the glory of this great nation.Pls do visit

Jai Hind!!!!Jiai Bharat!!!


  1. 'everyone cant be like M. Gandhi,S.C.Bose,Kamarajar or V.O.Chidambaram Pillai '- these people were idiots.
    M.Gandhi thought that proper education (going to school, reading textbooks, passing exams) was a crime. He proposed 'Basic Education' which Zakir Hussain himself declared a fraud. Gandhi said 'Schools should not get money from Govt. because Govt. raises taxes on things like alcohol. So children should be self supporting- weaving etc. But, the British lady working for him saw that the teacher could not support himself by doing that weaving and yet was welcomed as a teacher though completely ignorant.
    Kamaraj is a (slightly) different story- but when and how did he protest against Rajaji's craziness w.r.t Education in Madras Presidency?
    Sir, older people like me know the truth- how these people were all idiots and time waster and fraudulent beggars. S.C. Bose made a complete mess when head Calcutta Corp. V.O.C Pillai was a idiot who ruined many families by his boasting and lack of accounting sense.
    Why are you writing this nonsense Sir? Look at this idiot Sanjeev Sabhlok who is your hero- does he have even one ounce of I.Q or Economics knowledge? Not at all.
    I sent him corrections of his book- he tried to get smart with me saying, no I understand 'Edgeworth box'- he did not and I explained to him that he must change the words of his book otherwise anyone who knows Econ would consider him (he has PhD in Econ from California paid for by Indian tax payer) to be a complete idiot and illiterate. BTW, this fellow is not well regarded in Australia. He's an industrious fool. But fools can be manipulated, so he is useful. They also have their 'quota' system.
    I would direct your attention to 'incentive compatability & mechanism design' literature as well as Timur Kuran 'preference falsification & availability cascades'.
    Indians should be ahead in both fields but because of 'High Caste' stupidity and worship of 'Mahatmas' and 'Babas' and 'Swamis' even the non-Bengali ones (Bengalis had to pretend to be Communist so as to be able visit their own country) are utter rubbish.
    You are quite wrong to say 'Western thinkers have realized most are natural born cheaters'.
    Where there is Social Cohesion, the opposite is the case.
    Many years ago, a wealthy gentleman gave me money to give to beggars. The condition was that they had to stay in my very simple flat and take my simple food.
    In this way many people of all strata of society were rehabilitated.
    The Heart is the best engineer for Society.

    You are quite wrong to think India is governed by fools. The truth is Indians don't and didn't want to be governed at all. Nobody really wants education- they want Certificates. Nobody wants work- they want employment. Nobody- least of all you- wants Knowledge, you just want some hero and some slogan.

    Gandhi did his best to destroy India. He failed. Prakasam tried to destroy Industry in T.N. He failed. V.O.C. Pillai was a bad manager a corrupt company promoter- his business venture was 'born sick'- why are you praising him?
    S.C. Bose was such a stupid idiot that he went begging in front of Adolf Hitler whose hatred and contempt of India was made known in 1920!
    Kamraj Nadar was a smart political operator- what did he achieve? Zero!
    What is your major malfunction that you can't even look up Wikipedia before writing nonsense?
    Is this how you do your job as an Engineer?
    Be the Pareto, be the Sorel, be the Tarde of India. Why are you following an old idiot like Sabhlok who knows nothing and is NOT EVEN AN INDIAN CITIZEN? After Indian tax payer got him an American PhD he left the country. Now he is crying saying 'my house in Australia has a leaky roof. If I'd stayed in I.A.S I'd have better house and more money'
    Stalin, what is wrong with you that you worship this idiot?

    1. Dear Vivek Ji,
      Thanks for the comments.I value some of your comments like insisting on moral values.But i disagree criticizing good people entering politics like sanjeev,he has openly said about him and he made about himself public,who is he and what is his potential;why do you critize the person?why not the idea?The latter will be a healthy talk or argument i would consider than critizing the person.There are many educated useless Indians who lacks dignity,thinking,disrespect for our own people and simply accepts outsider views and no integrity who will spoil the
      entry of good people.Also for the past 70 years the so called educated minds of India just kept mere speaking,expressing
      frustration alone no one has dare to come forward like Arivind AAP doing currently,like wise at least now India has realized need for change and its the time that educated people should like mindedly agree and develop a collective conscious and good mind set for a change.Educated mind has more deviation and very difficult to align together,this is common indian mentality that is why though we have plenty of resource but the venal Indians itself will drive backward and destroy the future of this nation.Also i strongly disagree with your view on Gandhi Ji,Kamaraj,S.C.Bose and V.O.C, i respect those leaders who strive and paid their entire life for nationhood and freedom struggle.To me disrespecting our father of nation is disrespecting my own parental father,i will not lose that spirit and pledge to all my fellow Indians also not to behave in such way.By demeaning and critizing the national leaders like this has lead to to a very minimal patriotic thought,created lack of nationhood for indians.This is shame on us first we have to respect our own people then only we can expect or earn respect of others unless no one will not for sure.Hence pls do not insult our leaders though there may be some cons or negatives on their back.Also i m surprised to see your remark on the great man kamaraj(you said he did zero!)i m disturbed,if he is not the CM,then TN would be the most backward state in india. He was the person who industrialised TN built more than 10 dams in just 8 years,1000s of schools he opened, started the Indain coach factory,guindy industrial estate started and he administered in a well manner than anyone.Also he is the first person to resign CM post in 1962 when nehru called for rejuvenation of congress party.many critized kamaraj that he would be having more money in bank accounts(fake allegations made by Mendacious DMKs)then
      atlast he had Rs.60 left when he died.Truth alone trimuphs but it will take time to realise, that is the only thing.Such a great honest personality was a tamilian but we never feel proud of him,rather we demean and disrespect him.that is why our country is rotten like this and was in the hands of aliens for 700 years.
      First thing we need to respect our land people unless nation hood will not develop and aiming for change will be difficult in this nation as no one would come pls challenge or critize the idea not the person,but never demean or disrespect our national leaders,my humble request.