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Unshackle the Goddess of learning ”saraswathi”

No country can ever get developed without the citizens being literate; Talent is the greatest national resource than any other wealth which was understood vividly by Japan,Germany,U.S and china,south Korea looked at Japan and Germany who had very little mineral wealth such as ores,coal,energy in the form of gas,oil,other hydro carbons,just like south Korea (but unlike India) were developing fast, in spite of the complete 10 years of Korean war destruction, now become one of the richest nation in the world by sheer extensive hard word since it has realized the main reason was education and skill building through vocational training. A country with a size of TN has several major innovative companies like Samsung,LG,Daelim,Daewoo,doosan,hynudai,KIA,SK etc which produces electronic appliances, cars,engineering design and occupies one of the major trade partner in the world. Today after 40 years an average South Korean has an income of nearly 19,000 USD per year compared to 100 USD for an average Indian.

In India 90% to 94% drop out rate between kindergarten and 10+2.This includes those who have never been to school.The balance 10% are the ones that cross 10+2 stage,education line of control which is our so called educated youth,go in for regular college degree which may not be very relevant in today’s context for the sake of employment generation ,62% of all graduates from 22,000 colleges are arts graduates.Balance 38% in science,commerce,medical,engineering,I.T,Law and special subjects.Beyond this our youths do not have awareness or explore in other streams;where as the 80% of world youth between 14 to 35 years of age learn a vocation,a skill or trade with choice of 3000 vocational (VET)programs.In 15,000 VET modules we in India have only identified about 500 courses for 1.21 billion people and hardly 2% of population goes for the formal VET training.That is the reason in India we can get numerous engineers,Arts graduate and MBA professionals most of them are not employable in India or abroad but no carpenters,plumbers,drivers,repairmen and other specialized skilled personnel as per international standard and quality in other 2500 vocational trades too.This clearly outlines why we are rated very low in the human development index.

Rs.50,000 Crore per year is repatriated out of India for nearly 4,40,400 Indian students studying abroad.These funds are more enough to build 30 IITs or 50 IIMs per year.This alone signifies that India has potential opportunity for becoming educational hub of world,but gravely missing this by regulation and stringent control of Higher and technical education which has to be unshackled very soon as we did achieve the goddess of wealth “ Lakshmi”in 1991 that too partially not in all sector. China has about 900 universities,while we in India have 372 universities, countries like USA and Japan alone have 3650 and 4000 universities respectively. India has only 27,000 foreign students while Australia has 400,000 foreign students and Singapore 150,000 foreign students.

The problems is identified and the prevailing of poor quality in education and training will not go away by stringent government controls,but can be well achieved by decontrol and throwing away the license raj in higher education where as the westerners and other Asian tigers achieved successfully.As you know the FTI proposed governance model is  “A nation with incentive based governance structure where as an economy should be market based”which has been designed by bench marking with world best nations.Market forces,supply and demand should balance the existence and growth of educational institutions. The size of enterprise cannot be decided by officials in central government for a nation with 1.21 billions people volume. They are decided by the market forces,process,technology and competitive forces.Around 300 million unemployed of employable age which is very negative undesirable human development,VET teaches the youth a skill or a competent or trade,one learns to do some skilled job!In developed countries around 80% of the youth from age 14 to 35 should go in for VET.This would mean to us India about 50 million people per year would be benefited. Except for I.T which is 2 to 2.5% of world’s GDP where there are around 50,000 private training centers operating in India. Where are the training centers to run the balance 97% of the skills,trades,competences required to run this nation????
That’s the reason from basic paper,pen,table,mouse,laptop, iPhone to heavy machinery china is able to produce very cheaply with 500,000 VET centers and 80 million people are trained and employed per year. At the present rate of growth with this governance policies, it may take more than 100 years in some areas, just to catch up china!


Quality will improve only by deregulation and not by regulation and controls; Let there be 100s no 1000s of IITs or IIMs where people get benefit out from here and need not to travel abroad for studies and we can be in better position to attract world students if higher education is liberalized and encourage private sectors.

The above parameters are extracted from the article “Transforming India “authored by Mr.Krishnakhanna a Technocrat,1996 National citizen’s awardees and a relentless task master working on education(VET) as a key strategy for empowerment of India’s young population. He also networks with many organizations like TCS as their knowledge partners for using technology effectively for creating many training centers, he is in the journey of creating 100 VET centers in J&K.His innovative work on e-learning "Dynamind" can be found at His actions are quite useful to society as he is paradigm of direct action. However, to bring a massive reform through policy, which is useful to everyone,then the above stressed thrust on removal of license raj in education sector is to be done; though several advisers advocated our politicians are reluctant in implementing this. Therefore, the way to achieve this through proper policy reform and this needs good leaders on board first, pls visit freedom team of India where its working extensively on India’s policy matter and grooming excellent leaders.

"Purpose of a government is to make it easy for the people to do good without any regulation and difficult to do evil"-This stance is well adopted by FTI's principle of governance detailed in first order and second order principles of governance.

Jai Hind!!!Jai Bharat!!!



1. and transforming India through relevant VET-i watch is an NGO mainly working in the areas of VET, governance, economy and educational reforms founded by Mr.Krishnakhanna.

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