Friday, 16 November 2012

We need performing leaders rather than ones for show

One of the reason why India is unable to progress at faster economic growth rate is we have very low productivity (Number of goods produced per working hour) compared to the population we have, restriction of free trade and miserable labors laws which nudge the growth badly; This is simply a policy logjam, also we don’t have a mechanism to get best person for the most responsible jobs in the country, especially in political arena. Why are we like this? To my hindsight there are two main causes. One such cause, it’s quite common with Indians thinks that it is almost all right for politician’s son to become the next leader? It sounds the fact that Indians are emotional people. The content of our films and TV programmes is ample evidence of this. When it comes to choosing a public figure, the decision is almost never completely rational,rather it is identity based. We are fond of Big B, so we give Junior B a chance, after Indira Gandhi, Rajeev was projected and sworn in power and now Sonia/Rahul Gandhi, as well in south people fond of MGR after his death people go for Jayalalitha, then so many have grown from the cinema background only despite many are economic illiterates and lack of knowledge in best policy required for nation. These things don’t matter much when all we are doing is choosing the star you want to watch on screen alone. But it has huge repercussions when choosing people to run the country in this complex world economy. Political choices by voters must be rational. Our vote is an important choice for our country future, not a place for mere expression of love for the one whom we like.

Second crucial thing is that there is a lack of good political institution to groom political talent among leaders. We create great engineers and doctors but we don’t take our political courses seriously. It’s very miserable that we don’t have any institution like Georgetown University in US, which actually trains students, young leaders for political careers. But a hope of light is glowing now in India; FTI-Freedom Team of India is creating a platform for grooming the leaders in a systematic way. Another big mess we have is our political parties for past 7 decades does not have any methods of taking bright young workers, conducting training programmes or having meritocratic evaluation system in place to make sure the best talent gets a chance to shine; rather it runs by favouritism, gang wars or the one who is close with person in power, hence the good people are voluntarily away from this swamp considering politics is place where thugs/Knaves assemble and rule.

Then there is lack of political awareness among the people and because of socialist rabble which made people believe that government is for them in all aspect like maa-baap culture. Already the masses are poor and in destitute for their basic needs hence using this stigma in the diversified society many messiahs have started forming political parties declaring them as if they are their saviors and now we have countless number of political parties with current FPTP system,if at all given PR-Proportional representation type of democracy where everyone will influencing the government decision(current system too has these influence but PR will cause more bad result) and finally resulting in bad decisions or favorable to some groups which is quite dangerous for India.

If at all India been following PR, we would have been unable even to have the 1991 economic reforms. India would have by now splintered (or be in the process of splintering) into many pieces. During 1990s India had no money to pay government officials, teachers, even defence  It was being bankrupted at an alarming rate. And insurgency in Assam and NE was becoming out of control.Had the 1991 reforms not come in, and some credit extended to state governments, the states would have gone bankrupt. At that stage, the North East would have almost certainly split from India. Like USSR split into its constituent parts, India would have gone back to some form of pre-1947 disorder.

Hence its sounds a stringent signal that India needs a strong (internal law and order)police and armed force(defence),else  India can't survive in one piece for long. India is prone to Balkanisation (it is after all a sub-continent with huge diversity, not even a single social force to unite because already crooks divided on basis on religion and caste). That's a basic message every policy maker should thoroughly understand. In ancient India it was first suggested by Chanakya,when the Mauryan empire forgot this lesson, India splintered and became vulnerable to all kinds of foreign attacks.With proportional representation India will Balkanise faster as its experiencing in many internal states trying to get bifurcated like AP/Telangana and west Bengal/Bangaldesh,NE Regions etc, hence the centre should always be strong enough to bind nation together with good political leadership, not like the one we have for decades a banana republic type of unstable coalition.

Let’s select the right leaders for the right job, its country future and showing irrational emotion takes us nowhere. Join and support FTI
in grooming best leaders for future India,

Recommended reading: Dangers of Proportional representation democracy in India by Sanjeev Sabhlok

Jai Hind!Jai Bharat!


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